Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Welcome to The Popularis Liber


Welcome Friends and Patrons, Readers Young and Old!


Welcome to The Popularis Liber, or "The People's Book". In this website, you will find a collection of stories that you, the reader, have helped to write and develop. Your average tale of adventure and whimsey will take you on a wild ride of fun and adventure. Sadly, the story remains that, just a ride. You have no say in how the story progresses, what halls your heroes walk down, what decisions they make along the way.

Here, you will have a say in the writing process. You may notice a large voting bar to the right side of the screen. This is your ticket to influencing the story as it is being written, as is that e-mail address that you see above it. As the story is written, day by day, certain chapters and sections will be left off. From there, you, the reader, can both submit and vote for what will happen in the story. Submissions will be considered and then the better few will be placed to a vote on the site. From there, the story will progress. It is, however, the votes that are more important.

Readers should never feel a need to submit anything. Certain arching pathways will already be planned out for any given story. The Submissions, instead, can and will be utilized for an even more personal and interesting tale. Instead, the story will be 100% influenced by the votes that pass on the website; so we encourage you to throw in your two cents. Your votes help the magic happen.

Finally, as the site grows in popularity, we hope to increase the number of writers available, thus creating not only a wealth of different genres and stories available for your enjoyment, but also different writing styles.

With that said, I truly hope you enjoy.


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