Friday, January 24, 2014

Memories - Chapter 1

Chapter 1


                Memories. Memories are truly one of the fascinating tricks of the mind. They help us to learn, to remember mistakes or successes from our past. They help us to build relationships, to identify those around us as both friend and foe. They even help to shape the realm of our subconscious. After all, the human brain cannot "dream" of a face it has never seen before. Memories are what help to make us who we are. To create and differentiate "me" versus "you".
                Memories can also be a tricky thing. Unlike what many believe, the brain is not a database like you might find in a computer, or a filing cabinet filled with documents. Memories are not simply stored and retrieved, but created and recreated through neurological triggers influenced by senses and emotions. For this reason, memories can be forgotten for years and recalled by a single scent on the wind. Some memories may seem trivial, never to be retained past a day or two, no matter how hard the individual tries to remember. Some memories can even be altered to seem as though a falsehood were as real as the world around them.


  1. Oh man oh man, can I just say how cool this is? The whole reader-influenced fiction thing? I'd recommend keeping the choices within certain bounds to prevent the story from going all over the place, but after that all bets are off! Seems like a great writing experience (what with the forced improv and all), I'll be voting!
    (Aww man, captchas for comments? You're better off going with moderation and disabling captchas.)

  2. Hey. Thanks for the recommendation, I think I might do that!